If the teachers would have used white circles and called that group of kids Martians, would they have cried? Would their parents have had hissy fits? Probably not. What does that tell you about the word JEW? (ed.)

Controversial Holocaust School Lesson Cancelled Amid Outrage

APOPKA, Fla. — A controversial school lesson has been canceled for Thursday at Apopka Middle School. Outraged parents called the school after they learned about an exercise to teach the students about the holocaust and what it feels like to be persecuted.

Students with last names starting with the letters L to Z had to wear a yellow star. Those students were then banned from using certain restrooms, water fountains and had to go to the back of the line.

“I think it was a good exercise, but not meant for middle school. Some kids took it harsh and they were crying about it because other kids were treating us bad and calling us Jews,” said student Brittney McGowan.

“I feel that is was very effective to have students feel what its like to be persecuted,” said Principal Doug Guthrie.

Parents said they will contact district headquarters to complain about the exercise.