Shanghai again opens its arms to Jews
Once a haven from Holocaust, booming city now a tourist attraction
Kathleen E. McLaughlin, Chronicle Foreign Service

Sunday, March 5, 2006

Shanghai — When David Ohana, his parents and two sisters moved to Shanghai from Paris five years ago, they were among the few Jews in what had once been a thriving Jewish community. The Friday Sabbath, held in the hotel room of Shalom Greenberg, an Israeli-born rabbi, attracted maybe a half-dozen families.

Today, an estimated 1,000 Jews live in Shanghai, and Greenberg’s congregation now occupies a three-story villa on the western edge of the city. During major holidays, the bustling Shanghai Jewish Center attracts more than 300 worshipers. Parents send their children to its school and camp, while an average of 15 diners a day enjoy the city’s only kosher restaurant.