At his 80th birthday party, Holocaust survivor meets soldier who liberated him
By Peter Rowe
March 6, 2006

When Lou Dunst was a teenager, imprisoned in a series of Nazi concentration camps, he begged God: “Please let me live – if for nothing else than to tell my story.â€?

EARNIE GRAFTON / Union-Tribune
Lou Dunst (right) hugged Bob Persinger, the man who liberated him and some 18,000 other prisoners more than 60 years ago from the Ebensee concentration camp in Austria.
Dunst did survive the war. He moved around Europe and Florida before settling in San Diego, where he prospered as a real estate investor. He’s kept his end of the bargain, giving his Holocaust testimony many times in schools, churches, synagogues. This month, he is scheduled to address Harvard Law School.