Happy Liberation Day!
March 10, 1945

At night she weeps,
tears running down
on her cheeks and
make the pillows wet.
Dreams full of anger,
disturb her sleep,
past grievances, fury,
keep swivel her head.
But once the nigh is over,
seeing the sun shine inn,
she is cured from fright,
looking radiant instead.
I asked her this morning;
“Why did you cry all night?”
“It was the day of liberation,
but my dear-ones were dead”.
“But I’ wonder why you smile?,”
-“It’s gratifying to be alive,
to live free, with dignity, peace,
this makes me smiling and glad.
But my night belong to the past,
memory doesn’t let me rest,
my days belong to the present.
to give up courage is worse yet…
In some night I am numb from pain,
to a point that I am ready to scream,
the painful past wasn’t just a dream.
I will go on living until my sun will set”…