On your site you write:

> The Legacy & Response
> The Legacy of Holocaust Survivors
> And the Pledge of Acceptance
> Of the Second Generation
> Read in Hebrew, English, Yiddish, French, Russian and Ladino At the Western
>Wall In Jerusalem on June 18, 1981
> during the Closing Ceremony of the World Gathering of Jewish Holocaust
>Survivors, precursor to the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors.

Personally I read (and understand) both English and Yiddish. But for those
that do not, where are the other versions, notably those in French and
Spanish? Thank you.

Tomorrow we strangely celebrate the non-Shoah of 2000+ years ago, but we do
not “celebrate” the yes-Shoah of 60 years ago…

N.B. I strongly dislike “Holocaust” for the mass-murder of our people: IIRC
it designates a sacrifice to God that was burnt up entirely. This was
certainly *not* the case for the Shoah…

Halo zeh ud mutsal meeish (Zekharyah 3:2)

Man de Hu
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Zekhor eth asher asa lekha Amalek. Tim`he eth zikhro me`al penei haadamah