Holocaust Survivor Speaks At Bowne HS

Queens Tribune


Recently, Dr. Eva Ebin came to visit Ms. Scherzer’s Holocaust class at John Bowne High School to share her personal experiences during the Holocaust.

Ebin was just a teenager when she was sent to the ghetto in 1944. She was sent with her big family to a brick factory, where it was very crowded. The ghetto lacked food, water, sanitation and other necessities. She explained that the brick factory had railroad tracks and her family was put in cattle cars along with 80 to 100 other people. Ebin said that for three days and three nights, they were treated worse than cattle because they did not receive food or water.
She soon realized that she had arrived in Auschwitz. There, she and her family were put into different groups and she was put in the younger group. “I was fortunate enough to have three of my cousins with me,â€? said Ebin.