We are writing to you on behalf of hungry people living in the heart of Israel. As you know the past 15 years have been very hard on the Israeli economy causing a rise in unemployment and a drop in the value of Israeli currency. Too many people are unable to afford food for themselves and their family.

Because of this a number of soup kitchens have opened in Jerusalem and programs are in place to raise money to support them.

We are a young married American couple who have made Aliyah and live in Jerusalem. We volunteer our time at a soup kitchen called Carmei Ha’ir, located across the street from the main market in Jerusalem.

Our fund raising project is to publish and sell a cookbook of great Jewish recipes from Holocaust Survivors and their families.

The cookbook will be sold across the United States by Synagogues and other Jewish organizations. Part of the proceeds will benefit the organization with the remaining profits going directly to the soup kitchen. The name of the Cookbook will be:

Holocaust Survivor Cookbook:
Recipes that will touch your Tongue
Stories that will touch your Heart

We are not asking you for a donation of money but rather a donation of a family recipe that has been passed down by a Holocaust survivor. Or you can send any family recipe in memory of a survivor. We believe that these recipes will have special meaning to the people who purchase the cookbook.

If these recipes had not been collected many of them could have been lost forever. In the book we will recommend that the person who serves the recipe also take the time the read the compelling Survivor story behind the recipe to all who eat it. This way, not only will the recipes be preserved, but more importantly the stories will never be forgotten.

If you would be kind enough to take a moment to send us a family recipe we would be very appreciative. The recipe will be entered in our cook book with your name, the survivor’s name, and a brief story about the survivor that you would be willing to share. Feel free to send anything, from your mother’s secret potato latkes to your grandmother’s famous brisket. Anything you have to contribute will be appreciated and will definitely be published in the cookbook.

Recipes can be mailed to
Survivor Cookbook
P.O. Box 230
Clarksville, MD 21029

Or faxed to 301-854-2929

Or you can donate the recipe by going to our website: www.survivorcookbook.org
Or you can email directly to survivorcookbook@aol.com

Thank You Very Much,
Sarah & Jonathan Caras