We urgently need broad grassroots interest and support which will hopefully engage New York State and City politicians. These politicians can make the tolerance park Historic New Amsterdam a matter of state law. This month April would be the key month in which legislation needs to be drafted for us to succeed.

Political acknowledgement of New York’s cultural patrimony is the only way to attain a new American symbol, embodied by Governors Island, which would compose a National Heritage Triangle of America’s fundamental values in New York harbor. Namely;

New York’s legal-political convention of tolerance was planted on Governors Island by the Tri-State region’s first settlers in 1624. That precept became the underpinning of cultural diversity and successful pluralism.

You may be able to provide websites with links to www.HistoricNewAmsterdam.com, www.TolerancePark.org or www.NationalHeritageTriangle.com.

Or, e-mail this message to your friends, acquaintances, scholars and artists (it is also an artist colony), asking them to forward it to all those who could potentially be interested and may be willing to help.

Their proactive involvement could translate in grassroots articles in college newspapers, local newspapers or other media outlets all over the country which could give a New York State or City politician the courage to pursue his/her self interest and to get engaged.

Again, your help is greatly appreciated.

Joep de Koning