From: (William Elperin)
Date: 4/2/2006 10:07 AM (Pacific Standard Time)
Subject: Upcoming films on the Holocaust

Times below are for Pacific Time


April 5……….8AM

April 16…….12:45PM

April 21…….2:00PM

(Check listings to confirm time and for more times)

This inspiring 82-minute documentary film shows how a group of Tennessee students responded to their education about the Holocaust with a unique idea in 1998 that involved a simple promise – to collect one paper clip for each person exterminated by the Nazis during WWII. Despite the fact that there are virtually no Jews in the Appalachian town of Whitwell, TN, and despite being previously unfamiliar with the Holocaust, the dedication of the students was absolute. By the end of the project in 2001, the students not only collected over 27 million paper clips, but were able to house 11 million of them (each one representing a life lost) in a donated WWII rail car that was shipped to Whitwell from Germany. The memorial stands today just outside of the Whitwell Middle School, touching the lives not only of those in this small community, but of those around the world who consider the project a symbol of tolerance and rebirth – and a permanent memory of the time that one small school in Tennessee changed the world, one classroom at a time.


April 11……12 PM

April 21……2 PM

Winner of the Documentary Jury Prize for Directing at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival, this compelling documentary sheds new light on the Nazi effort to rid Germany of homosexuality. Told through the personal stories of six gay men and one lesbian, the film adds yet another chapter to the brutal Nazi legacy. Interviews with the men–some speaking publicly for the first time–are combined with photographs and film footage to create a chilling look at a law in the German penal code that resulted in the persecution and arrests of nearly 100,000 people.

DOWNFALL (Showtime)

April 20……

The final ten days of Adolf Hitler’s life, as seen through the eyes of his young secretary, are depicted in this stunning docudrama based on her real-life account. Bruno Ganz and Alexandra Maria Lara star in this acclaimed film-festival favorite from director Olivier Hirschbiegel.

I’M STILL HERE: Real Diaries of Young People Who Lived During the Holocaust (Sundance)

April 25……11 PM

While Anne Frank’s diary is widely recognized as a central document of the Holocaust, less well known are 60 other surviving accounts written by young men and women, which bear witness to that dark moment in world history. Zach Braff introduces this powerful documentary by Lauren Lazin, based on the book Salvaged Pages: Young Writers’ Diaries of the Holocaust by the film’s writer Alexandra Zapruder. Dramatic readings are provided by Ryan Gosling, Kate Hudson, Joaquin Phoenix, Elijah Wood, Amber Tamblyn, Oliver Hudson and Brittany Murphy.

THE LAST DAYS (Sundance)

April 25……PM

April 28……6 PM

With articulate first-hand testimony, James Moll’s winner of an Academy Award® for Best Documentary Feature traces the experiences of five Holocaust survivors who were among nearly half a million Hungarian Jews singled out for annihilation during the final days of World War II. A U.S. congressman and a successful Los Angeles businessman are among the survivors, who are followed as they return to their Hungarian hometowns and visit the ghettos and concentration camps where they were imprisoned. “A concise, devastating historyâ€? — New York Times.


April 29….

A Jewish prisoner collaborates with her Nazi captors.