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Holocaust in Plain Sight
On April 30 in Washington, a ‘Rally to End Genocide’ confronts the shame of indifference
by Nat Hentoff
April 3rd, 2006 4:23 PM


[U.N.] official Jan Pronk told the Security Council that killings, rapes and armed attacks on Darfur villagers [are being] committed by armed gangs secure in the knowledge that no one would stop or punish them. New York Times, March 22

Africa’s largest country [Sudan] has the opportunity to reach for a peaceful, prosperous and democratic future. From an eight-page special advertising supplement by the self-congratulatory government of Sudan on March 20—that enriched the Times by over $900,000— urging further investment in that splendid country

Long before the genocide in Sudan, I had been reporting for years in the Voice on the Sudan government’s murders, gang rapes, and enslavement of black Christians and animists in the south of Sudan—and the attempts of the Boston-based American Anti-Slavery Group, black American pastors, Christian Solidarity International, and a few members of Congress to awaken this country to the horrors in Sudan.