German railway in row over Holocaust
By Kate Connolly in Berlin
(Filed: 06/04/2006)

Germany’s national rail operator is refusing to allow its stations to be used for an exhibition about Jewish children sent to their deaths by the Nazis.

The exhibition organisers have said Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) is “morally obliged” to host it, as direct successors of Reichsbahn, the railway network that enabled the mass deportation of Jews, including more than 11,000 children.

Deutsche Bahn said it acknowledged the “darker side of our company’s history” but the 150 portraits could not be shown because of security reasons, the dangers of overcrowding and a lack of funds.

It has offered space in its museum in Nuremberg or support for displays “close to stations” with schoolchildren being offered “affordable” tickets to visit.

Beate Klarsfeld, a Nazi-hunter and one of the organisers, accused Deutsche Bahn of “failing to live up to its moral responsibility”.