Holocaust, anti-bullying taught at McMurray

Eric Horsting

Teacher David Foege stands next to a student display board that compares “The Diary of Anne Frank” with “Night” by Elie Wiesel. The project was done as part of a recently completed six-week study on the Holocaust.
By Eric Horsting
Apr 12 2006

For several years now, Vashon School District has been using the renowned Olweus anti-bullying process, a Norwegian program with great success in more than a dozen nations.
Two humanities teachers at McMurray Middle School referred to that program last week when they talked about the claim made two weeks ago by parent Tom Bean that the middle school did not teach students about the World War II Holocaust.
Although they said that Bean had got it wrong, that they did indeed teach students about the Holocaust, they were as interested in Bean’s other concern, which was about his son being subjected to an anti-Semitic remark.