April 14, 2006

Darfur response shows commitment to Holocaust memory

by james d. besser

Listen closely to the accelerating surge of Jewish activism on the Darfur issue, and you’ll note something unusual: There are surprisingly few whispers of “but it’s not a JEWISH issue.â€?

More than any issue in recent memory, the Darfur tragedy has brought together diverse segments of the Jewish community in a struggle that has nothing to do with Jews but everything to do with Jewish values.

Some of that unity will be evident at the April 30 rally in Washington. Hundreds of synagogues, Jewish day schools and local community groups are sending buses to a rally that takes on added urgency every day the slaughter continues and the world community dithers.

That same day, a massive gathering is planned in San Francisco, with a vigil at the Golden Gate Bridge, a rally in Chrissy Field and a concert later that afternoon at Congregation Emanu-El. (For more information, go to