As a rule, Jews prefer to celebrate life. However, on Yom HaShoah we take time –– sacred time –– to remember the dead.

The number “6 millionâ€? is an easy figure to utter, yet more than 60 years after the last camp was liberated, the full dimensions of the Holocaust remain difficult to comprehend, even for us. Thus we set aside one day — this year it’s Tuesday, April 25 — to reflect on the terrible price paid by the Jewish people for a nation’s madness.

Yom HaShoah remembrances are an important part of the Bay Area Jewish community’s commitment to honor the murdered millions. We urge our readers to attend any one of many Yom HaShoah events taking place across the region. This week’s j. includes a listing of some of them. Pick one and go.

Our cover story this week focuses on the second generation: the adult children of Holocaust survivors. Their stories are laced with pain, but also with hope. Many among the second generation take seriously the legacy of their parents, and have been active in Holocaust organizations here and nationwide.