(IsraelNN.com) Holocaust survivors in Israel appear to have a higher rate of cancer than their fellow citizens of the same age who made their way to the Land of Israel prior to World War II, according to a groundbreaking new Israeli study. Furthermore, survivors who get cancer have a slightly lower rate of recovery from the disease than those who did not experience the Holocaust. Other details of the study show that those survivors who were children at the time of the Holocaust have higher cancer rates even than fellow survivors who went through the war as adults.

The study, sponsored by the Israeli Cancer Society, was carried out by the School for Public Health at Haifa University. It was conducted based on the records of more than two million Israelis born in Europe. The researchers recommend an increased awareness of the possibility of developing cancer among Holocaust survivors, as well as periodic tests for breast and colon cancer. Families and caregivers of elderly survivors are called upon to increase their own awareness of the survivors’ physical symptoms and to assist in the early detection of cancer, even if there are no symptoms present.