t Will Never Go Away? Never?
by Paula R. Stern
Apr 25, ’06 / 27 Nisan 5766

As a Jew, it is hard to reconcile and come to terms, even more than 60 years later, with what was done to the Jews of Europe. A trip to Poland brought few answers, just a harsher reality, a picture made more clear. A sense of overwhelming helplessness is one of the emotions you feel walking through a gas chamber, beside the ruined crematoria at Auschwitz, or the massive piles of 800,000 shoes in Maidanek.

How could unarmed civilians, old and young, have prevented an evil force that marched at them with brutal strength? Could anything have saved them? As an Israeli, there is a sense of power, helplessness defeated. Yes, something could have defeated the Nazi war machine. We came, as Ehud Barak once said in Warsaw, decades too late to help, but we came nonetheless. The sense of helplessness is gone because Israel remains on the watch.