27 April 2006
Holocaust Legacy Demands Opposing Evil, State’s Zoellick Says

United States promotes tolerance to thwart genocidal aims of militant Islam

By Vince Crawley
Washington File Staff Writer

Washington — The world must learn from the past and ensure that the racist hate preached by Hamas and Iran’s new president cannot evolve into actual acts of genocide and massive violence, Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick said at a Holocaust commemoration April 27.

Zoellick said the United States can help defeat the ideologies of militant Islamists by promoting policies that encourage tolerant, democratic governments in the Muslim world. He also called for greater international involvement in the ethnic conflict in Darfur. (See Darfur Humanitarian Emergency.)

“Bearing witness means learning from history … but knowledge is not enough,â€? Zoellick told members of Congress, concentration camp survivors and their liberators.

“Bearing witness also means acting against evil,â€? Zoellick said at the U.S. Capitol during the National Commemoration of the Days of Remembrance. The Days of Remembrance mark the anniversary of the liberation of concentration camps at the end of World War II, when Allied armies halted Nazi Germany’s program of genocide, which included the organized murder of 6 million Jews and millions of other minorities.