YIVO EPYC Educators Seminar on East European Jewish Heritage, being
held at the Center for Jewish History in New York City, June 27-29,

The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research is sponsoring its second EPYC
Educators Seminar on East European Jewish Heritage, June 27-29, at the
Center for Jewish History in New York City. Eligible participants in
the Educators Seminar include teachers from various settings, including
Jewish high schools, colleges, public schools and private schools, museums and
afternoon religious schools, as well as advanced graduate students in
education and Jewish studies. Selected participants are eligible to
receive North American transportation, hotel, meals, materials and cash
stipends of $550.

The Seminar’s chairman is Prof. Robert M. Shapiro of the Judaic Studies
Department at Brooklyn College, while the co-chairs are Cynthia
Peterman (chair of Jewish History at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in
Rockville, MD) and Leah Strigler (doctoral candidate in Education and
Jewish Studies at New York University). Seminar lecturers will include
Professors Michael Stanislawski of Columbia University, Samuel Kassow
of Trinity College, Cecile Kuznitz of Bard College, Barbara
Kirschenblatt-Gimblett of New York University, Zalmen Mlotek of the
Folksbiene Yiddish Theater, Sheva Zucker of the Weinreich Yiddish
Program at New York University, and more.

The Seminar’s three days will include lectures and discussions by
prominent scholars, musicians and performers, interspersed with
practical curriculum workshops focused on how to employ the wealth of materials
available through YIVO’s EPYC curriculum and archival materials that
are accessible on-line. Participants will have access to the resources of
the YIVO Library and Archives, as well as the other treasures housed in the
Center for Jewish History. For more information about the YIVO EPYC
Educators Seminar and how to apply, contact Prof. Robert M. Shapiro at
rshapiro@brooklyn.cuny.edu or rmshapiro18@verizon.net . Applications are considered as they come in until available spaces are filled.

This seminar is sponsored by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims
Against Germany, Inc. – The Rabbi Israel Miller Fund for Shoah Research,
Education and Documentation; the US Department of Education; and YIVO
supporters of the Food as Roots Program.