I am a Holocaust Survivor who moderates the group on yahoo! Remember_The Holocaust_ which has over 40 pages of links to relevant sites. The membership is free. The group has currently 115 members from all 5 continents , many who are not Jewish. I have also added a link to your site in the link feature of the group. You and others interested are welcome to join. Generally, members comment and I chose also a site of the week . Otherwise, I post relevant material on not only the Holocaust, but also genocide, human rights and tolerance education. I was appointed by the Governor of the State of Maryland the Hon. W Robert Ehrlich, Jr to the Maryland task force to implement Holocaust, Genocide, Human Rights, and Tolerance Education. Desciption of the group:

What can we, as humans,possibly do for the victims of the Holocaust?

We can remember by promoting tolerance and human rights.
[The picture taken in 1937 is of the moderator then at age 4 1 / 2 years old with his foster parents , a childless aunt and uncle,who had reared him from a year old until the age of almost six years old Then, he escaped alone from Germany to Belgium where his parents moved in 1933.. His aunt and uncle were victims of the Holocaust.] (The group currently has members from all five continents with varied backgrounds , religions, nationalities , etc. So, it is truly global.)

The group’s purpose is educational and informative. Join this group and learn about the history of the Holocaust. Ask any questions you may have, and occasionally, messages related to the Holocaust will be posted. In addition, the moderator proposes a site of the week. You are encouraged to visit our comprehensive list of links which feature various facets of The Holocaust, Genocide Watch, Human Rights and Tolerance education. My wish is that you will learn something and share it with others And please also share your knowledge here as well. . All members of Yahoo groups are expected to abide by Yahoo ‘s “Terms of Service , Earnest interested persons are most welcome to join.The moderator survived The Holocaust as a teenager.
Shalom/ Freed A. Kahn PS: My screen name on yahoo! is Lejeune 42 which is also the one i use to send e-mail Lejeune was my name during the Holocaust years while surviving in hiding . And 42 stands for the year 1942 when my family and I went into the underground.