Rescue of the Ethiopian Jews-The Falash Mura Jews

Dear Ms. Friedman,

Sixty years ago the world “discoveredâ€? the Holocaust- six million Jews had been murdered by the Germans and their allies during World War II aided and abetted by the apathy and indifference of free people and the nations everywhere.

In 1984 4,000 Ethiopian Jews perished on their trek out of Ethiopia and in Sudanese refuge camps while the whole world and in particular almost the entire Jewish world once again stood silent!

Today 15,500 Jews are once again living at the edge of death in Ethiopia. In slums, camps, and compounds these Jews suffer: starvation, hunger, malnutrition, violence, intimidation, fear, sickness and disease can and do occur! Two years ago 47 Jewish children died from malaria. Many others have died according to Rabbi Shlomo Amar – Israel’s chief Sephardic Rabbi.

Please end/mitigate the suffering of our people; and speed their redemption by the Israelis.

Please write to Congressmen and Senators for help: food, clothing and medicine and to pressure the Israelis for action.

Write to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in Jerusalem for immediate large scale rescue and relief.

Demand immediate life-saving action from the Israelis.

Pray, organize communal prayer at your shul during services, donate and raise funds for help.

“Never Againâ€? applies to everyone at any point in time including our black brothers and sisters in Ethiopia.

. The Torah injunction from Leviticus must be taken personally by each of us:

We are not to stand idly by the blood of our neighbors. (19:16)

Yours truly,

Larry Rothbaum