An article appeared in the Jerusalem Post on the day following
Holocaust Remembrance Day, “Many Holocaust Survivors Can’t Afford the
Basics�(April 26th, 2006), following up on an article that the Globes economic
paper ran a story on April 11th, which documented that Ehud Olmert, in his
capacity of Finance Minister, had promised $7 million to the Holocaust Survivors
Fund before the March 28th general election and that Olmert has so far only
delivered $2 Million to the fund. The Jerusalem Post article of April 26th
confirms that nothing changed since the Globes piece appeared.

This fund, which collects funds from contributions around the world, is geared
to meet the needs of more than 8,000 concentration camp survivors who have made
applications for a total of $20 million of grants for basics such as dental
work, hearing devices, glasses, and varying sort of medical treatment.

Most recently, when I asked incoming Finance Minister Avraham Hirschson about
this, he scoffed at the question.

Now seven members of the newly formed Pensioners Party have been elected to the

All seven members of that new party have united with the ruling Kadima Party,
the time has come to hold the members of the Pensioners Party accountable to
help these aging survivors.

Each member of the Pensioners party should be called often, from all over the
world, through the Knesset switchboard by simply asking for them by name, and
by asking what they intend to do to make sure that Ehud Olmert, in his capacity
as the Prime Minister, will attend to the urgent needs of these survivors.
As a public service, here are the names of the not-well known members of the
Knesset Pensioners Party, who can all be called and called often through the
Knesset switchboard at: 02-6753333

Rafi Etan, Yaakov Ben Izri, Elchanon Glazer, Yitzhak Galanti,Yitzhak Ziv, Sara
Merom Shelo, and Moshe Sharoni.

These Knesset members were elected for one purpose: to help the elderly of
Israel. This is their first test of accountability