Holocaust horrors are recalled at Q-C event
By Linda Cook

Sammy, the little boy, survived 3 1/2 years in two concentration camps.

And Sunday, Samuel Harris shared his memories at the 25th annual Yom HoShoah Holocaust Remembrance at Temple Emanuel, Davenport.

Richard Weinstein, chairman of the Yom HaShoah Committee, introduced Harris. “The Yom HaShoah committee has always felt that first-person accounts of the Holocaust are the most powerful,â€? he said. Harris, he said, spent 3 1/2 years in the Deblin and Czestochowa concentration camps and was liberated in 1945 at the age of 9 1/2.

Harris, a retired insurance executive, is president of the Holocaust Memorial Foundation of Illinois, and wrote the book “SAMMY: Child Survivor of the Holocaust.â€? He was pleased with the audience that filled almost every seat.