Estonian Mayor Publishes Another Holocaust Denial Book

(May 2, 2006)

A book that denies the Holocaust has been published in Estonia, according to an April 19, 2006 article in the regional daily Parnu Postimees an English language summary of which was provided to UCSJ by its Baltic Bureau. The book, entitled “The Holocaust-The Most Depressing Zionist Lie of the 20th Centuryâ€?, was written by a former dissident named Tiit Madisson, mayor of the town of Lihula and past author of similar publications. Mr. Madisson argues that the “mythâ€? of the Holocaust has become a new global religion; that documents and witnesses’ statements ere forged to prove that “mythâ€?; and that other victims of state tyranny in the last century, including the Estonians, deserve the world public’s attention, which is too focused on the supposedly non-existent Holocaust. While the article’s author writes that Mr. Madisson risks a jail sentence, UCSJ is unaware of any Estonian law making Holocaust denial a crime (though ten other European countries, including Lithuania, do have such laws on the books). However, Estonia does have laws against the incitement of ethnic hatred.