Hungarian Holocaust Survivors and Victims’ Kin May Apply For Government Payments
New application forms for a Holocaust compensation payment from the Hungarian government are now available, and will be accepted through July 31, 2006.

The Hungarian government announced the re-opening of the compensation program at the meeting in Budapest last month of the Claims Conference. Information in English, Hungarian, and Hebrew is on the website of the Claims Conference,

Application forms are available on the website of the Hungarian Central Restitution Bureau,,
or by writing to the bureau at:
Kozponti Karrendezesi Iroda
1116 Budapest
Hauszmann Alajos utca 1.
Tel: +36-1-371-8900

The material posted on the Claims Conference website is for information purposes only. This program is administered by the Hungarian government and the official information and application form is provided by the Hungarian Central Restitution Bureau. Only the Hungarian version of the application form and instructions are official documents and no responsibility can be accepted arising from use of any translations done by the Claims Conference.

In 1997, the government of Hungary established a compensation program for Holocaust survivors and victims’ relatives, which was originally to pay approximately $150 for each parent killed during the Holocaust and $70 for each sibling (“Compensation for Loss of Life by Political Persecution”). Following efforts to raise the amount of compensation, the Hungarian government provided acknowledgement payments of around $1,800 (400,000 forints) per deceased to be divided among any surviving parents, spouses, children or siblings.

However, this increased payment was limited to those survivors and relatives of Holocaust victims who had already applied for the original payment announced in 1997. The application period had been between June and October 1997. There were many relatives of Holocaust victims who did not apply during this initial four-month filing period.

The Claims Conference and WJRO continuously pressed the Hungarian government to re-open the claims process so that more victims’ relatives could apply for the increased compensation. The Hungarian government has now enacted Act XLVII of 2006, opening the claim period to new applications for four months.