Albany Times Union

Holocaust talk raises awareness in students

First published: Friday, May 5, 2006

An incredible event occurred April 28 at Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School in the city of Albany. Students from Myers, Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy and Blessed Sacrament School joined together to remember the victims of the Holocaust and affirm their commitment to never letting such a tragedy occur again.

The students had all viewed the movie “Paper Clips” at their home schools, and, moved by what they saw and learned, came together to meet two Holocaust survivors from our community, Nora and Marty Becker. The Beckers showed a film from the Shoah Foundation and told their stories to a rapt audience.

The respect, interest and compassion of these students was incredibly touching, and was dwarfed only by the peaceful, purposeful coming together of students from so many religions, races, nationalities and economic backgrounds. It was an event that none of those participating will soon forget. In a mere hour and a half, hope for the future was rekindled for many.

In this time of intense criticism of our educational system, both private and public, and the students who attend our schools, please know that phenomenal educational experiences are being offered to our children, who truly understand “the big picture” and sincerely accept the responsibility of making this world a better place.