You will not know who I am, and I was born after WW2. Though I never was there in person, I was there in spirit. Eight million (not six million) jews have died during the Holocaust, plus another three million people who were not considered ‘jews’.
It is very important for the survivors to have all the records released, so that they can at least get some peace. We ALL know that it has happened there can be no denial. You must ask for all the records to be released for the sake of the survivors, and for the sake of further unity.
You must tell them, that since the beginning of time, there were pagans and jews. Christianity and Islam, in particular are Branches of Judaism. We must all realize that all those eight million jews, actually all those eleven million people were ALL OUR ANCESTORS and RELATIVES we never knew about it.
A mad man and his army of sheep were convinced by some writers and misinterpeted others, and because of this thought to wipe out everyone but ‘the aryan’ race. Ironically Hitler himself was not “Aryan” and neither were most of his followers.
We must also remember that any cruelty against humanity ANY RELIGION, RACE, OR CREED is never tolerated. We must remember what is written over the ARK.