The situation of the real estate market in Krakow Poland have finally after more than 60 years of stagnation changed drastically. Investors from around the world are looking to invest. Prices are high and getting higher. One of the most aggressive are Israelis, Irish British, Norwegians and more.
I came across one half Jewish young, smart and dedicated person in Krakow, whose goal is to find Jewish properties in Krakow and help them to sell it.
Following are 4 such properties that belong to Krakowian Jews and have not been reclaimed. I think that through your publication we may help to find these individuals or at lease find some trail.

1. Izydor Feiler son of Ozajasz & Marii Kolb, they are the owners of the 200m2 parcel of land located near Vistula river. Izydor passed away in 1980 in NY. He had two kids one is in NY and 2nd. leaves in Paris.
2. The Molkner family owes building on Czysta 16 str. The ownes are Wladyslaw and Stanislaw Molkner. One that I came across are Molkner Julius & Lisa. They passed away but used to leave at 3755 Henry Husdson Pkway Riverdale 10463. They had a son Ron
3. The owner of the building at Podzamcze 24 was Berta vel Lanes, her husband Symche Wagschal vel Keil was killed. After the war she married in Krakow with Chaskiel Mendel Fingeruthem vel Goldberg son of Abraham Saomon Goldberg & Dwoira Fingeruth. She passe away in Canada
4. Galazka ( Golonska) Suessel vel Zysia son of Joskie & Ryfka Gruenspan born in 1914 owes propery at Kordeckeigo 5
Izrael Juda Neuman son of Moses & Szyfra Sprung ows Berka Joselewicz #3

Again if someone may shed some information please contact dirextly

Marian Keren 516-883-6113 or e-mial mak