A Mothers Day Message
by Ralph J. Rubinek
On Mothers Day, we honor our Mothers for all the good, love and wisdom that they have given us in life.

On this day, I honor my Mother by sharing with my fellow citizens some of her wisdom, gained through hard experience.

My Mother, just like most other Mothers, taught me how to live right. But she did much more. She was a Holocaust survivor who learned from her hard experiences. Se was victimized by the Nazis, a tyranny led by a madman. Adolf Hitler. Gun-toting Nazis dragged her family to their deaths. Unarmed she was unable to resist.

Sent to Auschwitz, the largest concentration camp, she was chosen by “Doctor” Mengele for “experiments” which were simply medical torture. Of the women in this program, most who were lucky were systematically executed.

Mother was a source of strength and inspiration to other prisoners. She told them of a land where individuals are judged on their own merits, not condemned as a group. She spoke of land, America, where the people control the government, as opposed to Europe, where governments for centuries enslaved people.

Finally – when liberated by Allied forces – she emigrated to America, the land of her dreams.

I am her only son. She raised me with the only family legacies she had – her memories. She taught me that there are few things more destructive than a government gone bad.

She instilled in me an abiding love of the United States Constitution, which she studied closely in order to become a citizen. Swearing loyalty to the Unites States was one of her proudest moments. Mother died in August, 1974 after many beautiful years in America, but never free from her painful memories. She left this message, one well worth sharing with every son and daughter in the land:

“You must fight for your freedom every day of your life… even if as a last resort, you must take up arms to defend your freedom do so! Freedom is your G-d* given right — along with all other rights under the constitution. Protect it.”