Genocide on the agenda

By Shahar Ilan

How can it be that in Darfur, not so far away from here, and not far from Europe, genocide is being committed, and no one is lifting a finger? What is going on here? Prof. Yehuda Bauer, one of Israel’s leading Holocaust researchers, responds:

“NATO is twiddling its thumbs. The organization says it is willing to provide the Africans with technical assistance. The poor Africans don’t know what to do with that. The United Nations said it would send troops over. When? When it has the money and the soldiers. When it works out a plan. When Sudan agrees. Now that is really ridiculous. The Sudanese government is going to agree to have a UN force patrolling the region to keep people from being murdered? International action is being stymied by the Chinese veto. The Chinese have oil concessions in southern Sudan. Oil is their lifeline. Their economic interests override any humanitarian considerations, if they exist at all. The Russians are supplying the Sudanese with weapons in exchange for cash that Sudan is getting from China.”

If the international community has intervened to prevent genocide, the victims have almost always been white.