“Discuss this story. Could the Holocaust have been prevented? If they knew of it, why did the Allies not inform Jewish leaders of Hitler’s plans?”

“I do not believe that there would have been much of a difference had the Allies told the Jewish leaders about the Final Solution. This does not absolve the Allies of the responsibility for not telling the Jews. It’s just that the sheer scope of Hitler’s plan was, at the time, inconceivable.”
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Would the Holocaust have been prevented if the Allies had informed Europe’s Jewish leaders of Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’ plans?
No, but many lives would have been saved.
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American and British WWII military intelligence authorities may have been aware of Adolph Hitler’s “Final Solution” plan for the “eradication” of the Jews of Europe as early as 1942, according to documents just declassified under the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act of 1998.

According to a July 2, 2001 National Archives press release, by March 20, 1942, a surreptitiously obtained document appears in the files of the United States Coordinator of Information (COI), a predecessor to the Central Intelligence Agency, clearly discussing the Nazi intent to eradicate European Jewry. The document is a translated copy of a dispatch filed by a Chilean diplomat on November 24, 1941.