Holocaust’s witnesses

Time is running out. That’s why it’s so important for Calgarians like Sid Cyngiser to reach as many kids as they can with their stories about surviving the Holocaust. Cyngiser, 82, who lost his family in the Treblinka concentration camp, spoke to about 800 Grade 12 students this week as part of Mount Royal College’s 22nd annual Holocaust Education Symposium.

As the Holocaust and the Second World War recede farther into the past and the survivors and veterans disappear, it becomes imperative for those who are left to pass on this living history to new generations.

As Cyngiser so aptly puts it, “I am a living document… I was there.â€? It is these living documents whose very presence among us attests to the ghastly lies of the Holocaust deniers and revisionists. When the survivors are no more, the torch will pass to the youth who heard them speak; it is these youth who will one day be required to say to those who would deny and revise history, “Yes, it’s true. I heard it. I was there.â€?

More than 60 years have passed since the liberation of the concentration camps.

Sixty years have a way of blurring the horrors in the minds of people who only read about, but never experienced them. For the survivors, time is of the essence.

– Calgary Herald.