Temple Sinai Holocaust Memorial Fountain and Garden

The garden you see before you was built through the generous donation of personal time, labor, and funds of numerous Temple Sinai members – young and old alike. In the spring of 2002 Temple Sinai congregants made this beautiful garden a reality. Dozens of volunteers had sketched the design and then dug the many holes, planted the trees, shrubs and flower bulbs, and carried and laid the stones that form the curved wall.

The magnificent fountain at the garden’s center was inspired by the experience of Jacqueline Fleishman who lost much of her family to the Holocaust. Jacqueline and David Fleishman’s dream was to honor the memory of those lost while evoking a spirit of life and hope. The large glass bowl fills to its broken edges and then gently overflows, creating a sense of the renewal of life. The glass bowl, signifying Kristallnacht, sits on a black granite base etched with the Star of David – a sign that even in the darkest of times, the strength of our faith supports us.