MSU Provokes With ‘Holocaust’ Week
UC Irvine’s Muslim Student Union expressed disapproval of the “apartheidâ€? state of Israel.
by: Ben Ritter
Less than three months after UC Irvine’s Muslim Student Union found themselves in the national spotlight as a result of a decision by the College Republicans to show controversial Danish cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, the group is again at the center of a debate about free speech and religious expression. Only this time, they are the ones being accused of intolerance.

Campus Jews have reacted negatively to a series of events collectively titled “Holocaust in the Holy Land,â€? which they say promotes anti-Semitism and trivializes the killing of millions of Jews during World War II.

MSU is careful to draw a distinction between anti-Zionism, opposition to the Jewish state of Israel, and anti-Semitism, opposition to the Jewish religion, which they say is contrary to their own religion, which follows the teachings of Jewish prophets.

On Monday, Imam Mohammad Al Asi presented a lecture titled “The Kingdom of Saudi America.