Holocaust memoir wins book award

By Jason Steger
May 24, 2006

MORE than 60 years after being liberated from a concentration camp, Jacob Rosenberg last night won the NSW Premier’s literary award for non-fiction, worth $20,000, for a memoir of his experiences in the Lodz ghetto and the Holocaust.

Polish-born Rosenberg, who migrated to Melbourne in 1948, describes East of Time as “a rendezvous of history and imagination”.

He says the book is trying to respond to the question of whether a bygone life can have a future. “I feel my book is like a festival of ideas and people. The people are like a dusty rag in the gallery of my memory. I brought them back to life, perhaps to shine once more.”

Rosenberg, who has also published poetry and prose in Yiddish, wrote East of Time in English. “It is now my working language. I have had to change my language two or three times.”