State should set up fund to care for Romany Holocaust sites

Prague, May 25 (CTK) – The Council for Romany issues will recommend that the government establish a fund or a foundation that would allow to take care for the sites of the Romany Holocaust, council secretary Czeslaw Walek told CTK today.

The state should earmark the starting capital to the fund and further money would be ensured from various sources, Walek said, adding that the council had not yet discussed the sum that the government should allot.

However, he added that it would probably the government that will emerge from the forthcoming parliamentary elections, that would deal with the proposal.

If the government approves the establishment of the fund it would charge one of the ministries with dealing with administrative tasks, Walek said, adding that it could be the Culture Ministry.

Chairman of the Committee for the Compensation to the Victims of the Romany Holocaust Cenek Ruzicka welcomed the council´s recommendation.

The committee has sought for a long time that a pig farm situated on the site of the former Protectorate camp for Romanies in Lety near Pisek, east Bohemia, be abolished.