Dear Friends:

Just a quick note to tell you about a woman I knew in Newton, Iowa, who only became a Mormon to augment her Soc. Sec. The deal was she’d enter names of people onto computer discs and they’d help her with medical costs and other stuff, like helping her buy the car she used to charge vets for rides to their appointments. She didn’t believe any of the stuff the Mormons sell. She was strictly in it for herself. But she told me she was entering names from lists and the names she was entering were those of people who died in the Holocaust. Then the first story broke about what they were doing and her work stopped. But only for a while when she started getting the lists again. Same thing. This took place in the mid 90’s. The woman is now dead, I’m afraid. As I remember, there was an agreement between your agency and perhaps others that turned out to be bogus as the names of martyerd Jews were again discovered to be being ‘baptized.’ This fits with what was occuring with my friend. I really thought this had blown over and those people would have stopped. I was prepared to rat the Mormons out at the time when the first story broke. I am outraged to see they are still at it.

I hope this information will give you insight into how these names are being processed by the Mormons.

Sincerely, Mary-Louise Pasutti