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Area Priest Wants Apology For Holocaust Complicity
Rev. John Pawlikowski To Visit Death Camp With Pope In Poland

Jay Levine

(CBS) CHICAGO For years, the Roman Catholic Church has been criticized for looking the other way during the Holocaust, and now a Chicago priest is seeking an apology from the pope himself.

Pope Benedict XVI is in Poland this weekend, on a four-day visit. As CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports, both the pope and the priest are the Auschwitz concentration camp there.

At a huge open air mass in Warsaw Friday, Pope Benedict continued to pay tribute to the man he calls “John Paul the Great.â€? The late pope’s legacy is revered not just by Christians.

“Pope John Paul, of blessed memory, advanced the cause of Jewish-Christian understanding by leaps and bounds, in ways that have not been achieved in centuries,â€? said Rick Hirschhaut of the Illinois Holocaust Museum.