Dear Jewish friends,
As a fellow Jew, I am concerned how this fight American Gathering has with the LDS.
Of all the things to fight and complain for in this unjust world our Jewish friends wants to ban baptisms for the dead from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints? Do you realize how illogical and trite this demand is? A baptism for a deceased person can be accepted OR rejected by the spirit in the Afterlife. The Church of Jesus Christ isn’t so powerful that it can control people’s free agency and their afterlife destination. If you are angry at Mormons baptizing deceased Jews that you are saying that the Church of Jesus Christ has power over the Afterlife for all people. Wow! If a Church is that powerful you better not mess with it. You make your faith look weak with your argument: A faithful Jew chooses to follow Jehovah and the Jewish faith all his life, and didn’t want to accept the Church of Jesus Christ. BUT, the Mormon Church waits with sadistic patience for the Jew to die, so it can baptize him and void all the decisions the Jew made during his life and force him to go to the Mormon Afterlife. God is more powerful then Satan, remember Moses and his staff. If you believe the LDS Church is of the devil, then how can the devil void the power of Jehovah? The devil can’t. Stop the blasphemy you have incurred towards Jehovah, and remember the He gave man free agency which no power can take away.
The practice of Baptism for the Dead hurts absolutely nobody. Let’s focus on more important areas in the world. Crime is high, greed is everywhere, sex is devalued, and hate is rampant. Going after a religious group like this is like suing a Catholic for handing out Bibles to a Jewish barrio or ordering a restraining order to prevent an Arab from praying to Allah that his Jewish neighbors convert to Islam. Let’s be more tolerant.
Jefferson Day