My dad’s family goes back to the Shauls of the Finger Lakes region of NY. Would you find it offensive for me to submit their names (only lineal ancestral couples and their children/children-in-law) and genealogical information for posthumous baptism and other LDS rites? They’re my family.

As someone who participated in family record extraction for the LDS church, I can tell you that we never received a project that contained a Jewish community or a high proportion of Jewish-sounding names or used records of Jewish origin or Holocaust-related records. Our local record extraction group was comprised of mature to elderly matrons, all volunteers and many were grandmothers.

Obviously nobody on this earth has the power to force anyone in the spirit world to do anything, much less practice a religion. However, I do understand that our practices raise the specter of forced conversion.

Cindy L. Espinoza, Colorado