Letter to the Editor:

We read the article, “Jews Keep Fighting Mormon Database�? in the Arizona Republic and it really alarmed us. There’s a very large Mormon community here in the Phoenix area and it’s ludicrous that they (the Mormon Church) think they can simply “hijack�? other souls for their database. We felt compelled to write a letter to the editor of the newspaper as follows:

“With respect to the article, “Jews Keep Fighting Mormon Database”, we find it highly repugnant that any religion takes upon itself the right to posthumously “convert” anyone, especially Holocaust victims. This is a sacrilege too abhorrent to ignore. We have had great respect for the LDS church and we would like them to show the same toward other religions. Would the LDS church and its members stand for its members with any Jewish genealogy to be posthumously Bar Mitzvah’d or Bat Mitzvah’d, leaving it to only the deceased to reject it in the afterlife? Is there a “Do Not Convert List” the deceased call to have their names removed from the database? Is this church so desperate to beef up its membership that they’ll pilfer the dead from other religions? There certainly is injury done to many. Let the deceased rest in peace. We encourage everyone who does not want his/her heritage stolen to contact the leaders of the LDS church and demand that this religious “identity theft” be terminated immediately.�?

Again, we encourage anyone who feels as we do to let the “powers that be�? know what a sin this is.

Thank you,

Myra & David Alpert