Serbian Property Registration Deadline June 30
The Claims Conference announced that the deadline set by the government of Serbia for the registration of confiscated property is June 30, 2006. Registration forms may be submitted for property taken through confiscation, nationalization, agrarian reform, sequestration, expropriation and other regulations effective after March 9, 1945.

Information in English, Serbian, and Hebrew is on the website of the Claims Conference,

There is currently no legislation in Serbia governing restitution of private property. However, if such legislation is enacted in the future, only persons who register claims by June 30, 2006 will likely be covered. Although the law provides for the registration of private property confiscated beginning in March 1945, it is suggested that individuals who owned property in Serbia that was confiscated during the Holocaust also register.

A copy of the registration form is available through the following links:


Registration forms must be sent to the following address:
Property Directorate of the Republic of Serbia
GraÄ?aniÄ?ka St. no. 8
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

If there is any doubt as to eligibility, it is recommended that individuals complete the registration form.

The material on the Claims Conference website is for information purposes only. This program is administered by and is the sole responsibility of the Serbian government.

Claimants must register their claim no later than June 30, 2006.