From the American Hamodia:
by: Hamodia Staff

Hamodia received numerous telephone calls, e-mails and personal visits
from readers shocked to their core to have received an innocent looking
folder containing a DVD disk narrated in a rich, Yiddish that is
actually a virulent piece of missionary propaganda. We have printed an
image of this insidious object so that readers will be able to identify
and destroy it immediately.

[ Link to picture of the DVD]

So far the DVD has been received by residents of Brooklyn’s 11218 zip
code, as well as those living in Monsey, New York, and we suspect that
this is just the beginning of a wider assault aimed at entrapping the
Yiddish Speaking public, particularly innocent children.

Its mailer proclaims in Yiddish “Der DVID iz mommish mai’ein olam haba –
a little bit of heaven brought down to earth for you to enjoy.” The
accompanying post card asks viewers to send away for more information or
a telephone contact. Please take a few minutes to alert your friends,
relatives and neighbors about the danger of this piece.

Nothing on the disk or its envelope identifies the material as coming
from missionaries, neither is there any address or anything else that
might alert Yidden to its poison. Obviously those who produced this disk
invested much thought, time and effort to devise a sophisticated method
of spreading their missionary message garbed in a most innocent-looking,
free offering.

After consultation with Rabbanim and community leaders, Hamodia urges
those who receive this missionary mailing to swiftly and decisively to
halt this attack on our most vulnerable members: the very young, the
very old, the lonely and those to whom any thing expressed in mamma
lashon takes on a sacred cast.