By Tom Armitage

BERLIN (Reuters) – A Berlin-based history society on Thursday unveiled an information sign at the site of Hitler’s underground bunker, marking for the first time exactly where the Nazi leader took his life at the end of World War Two.

Just 200 metres (yards) away from Germany’s memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, the Berlin Underworlds society has erected a sign giving details of the layout and construction of the bunker — since buried under a carpark.

“Visitors to this area … have until now never received information about this site,” Dietmar Arnold, head of the Berlin Underworlds organisation, told reporters.

The society, which runs guided tours of Berlin’s network of underground bomb shelters, said the plaque was designed to dispel myths about the underground shelter where Hitler killed himself on April 30, 1945 — hastening an end to World War Two in Europe.