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St. Paul Lutheran reflects on the Holocaust

Published Thursday, June 8, 2006
by By Nicol Jenkins

Boca students from all walks of religious and spiritual life listened to one man’s tale of survival from the Holocaust and then wrote letters pledging “never again.â€?

Holocaust child survivor Dr. Pierre Chanover recently spoke to the St. Paul Lutheran School’s middle school students about his struggles. Chanover has two grandsons, Robert and Mark Schramm that attend the Boca school.

A Holocaust Survivor’s Story

At age 10, Chanover was forced into a concentration camp as one of the “hidden childrenâ€? in France. Chanover said he was separated from his mother and his father was sent to an Auschwitz concentration camp.

“It was horrible,â€? Chanover said. “There were 23 concentration camps in France. None were death camps. But all of them were for transit where we would be sent to Auschwitz or die because of famine.â€?

Chanover said he escaped a year later and spent the rest of the time hiding. After the war ended, the Red Cross reunited Chanover with his mother. His father died.