Local Rabbi Seeks Reconciliation With German Village

Reported by: A.P.

CINCINNATI (AP) — A Cincinnati area rabbi is going back to the German village he fled as a boy with a mission of remembrance and reconciliation.

Rabbi Alfred Gottschalk fled from Oberwesel to New York to avoid the Nazi purge in the 1930s and 1940s.

He is the only surviving member of the village’s Jewish community, and in September he will return.

He hopes to place a headstone there for his grandfather, who was unable to travel with the family to the US.

He was buried without a marker in a Jewish cemetery in Oberwesel.

Residents have mixed feelings about Gottschalk’s return.

Barbara Fuchs, one of two Jewish people living in Oberwesel now says people there need to honor the Jewish lives lost in the Holocaust but don’t want to acknowledge the past.