Recognition for “An Odyssey Of Survival”
Chaim Mazo

“An Odyssey Of Survivalâ€? his been awarded Best Book in the category of
Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Literature by the Jacob and Clara Egit
Foundation of Toronto.

The author, Professor Michael Klein, accepted the award in Tel Aviv on
June 15, 2006, where it was presented by the chairman of the Histadrut,
the general federation of labor in Israel.

“An Odyssey of Survivalâ€? is published by Mazo Publishers and distributed
by Ingram and Baker & Taylor in the US and Jerusalem Books in Israel.

Professor Klein, who received a cash prize for his work from the Egit
Foundation, spoke after the presentation and gave a brief history of his
survival in the concentration camps and the role that Oskar Schindler
player in saving his life. Professor Klein told how he arrived in the
US, not speaking English, and how ,10 years later, he received his Ph.D
in Physics from Cornell University.

In “An Odyssey of Survivalâ€?, Professor Klein portrays the Jews’
spiritual resistance to the Germans and their struggle to retain their
faith and humanity in the shadow of death. He then portrays his personal
struggle back to a normal life, not only the struggle for health and an
education, but also to reconcile the tension between the world of a
Chassidic teenage boy and the experience of surviving the Nazi death camps.

Professor Klein lives in Jerusalem.

For further information about the book, contact the publisher, Chaim

ISBN: 965-7344-06-9

Soft Cover, 208 pages, $16.95

Four other authors were also recognized for the work by the foundation.