I am trying to obtain information relating to the following
incident which occured in May 1946. Can anybody help with
> On Saturday 4,11,or 18 May 1946 a train full of 2000 Polish
Jewish refugees arrived in a railway siding near Velpke in Western
Germany, in the British Occupied zone. The transport was under the
control of a Mr Stern who claimed he was connected with the American
Joint Distribution Committee. Stern had purchased the train in
Poland and was trying to get it, and its passengers, to Bremen where
a boat was waiting to take them to the Middle East. It is presumed
that the boat was later detained by the British and the passengers
interned in Cyprus.
> A Sergeant Roy Shaw and his Sergeant Major Fleming, who were
members of British Intelligence, based at Helmstedt, were informed
of the train’s arrival and that it had been refused permission to
proceed anyfurther. Against the orders of a senior officer they went
to investigate on the Sunday morning. Seeing the plight of the
passengers they offered Stern the use of their office telephone for
several hours for him to try and obtain the necessary authority he
required to allow the train to continue its journey. This he managed
to do.
> Because the British soldiers had disobeyed orders they did not
document this incident. Roy Shaw is now trying to find out the
> Where did the transport come from?
> Who was Mr Stern?
> Did they manage to get to Bremen?
> What happened to the passengers?
> If anybody has any information, however small, regarding this
incident please let me know.
> David R Allthorpe