Letters to the Montgomery Advertiser

Darby vote shows resistance vital

There is no excuse for the Alabama Democratic Party’s providing a platform and cloak of legitimacy for the vile policies of Larry Darby.

Darby carried Elmore and Autauga counties and over 40 percent of Montgomery County in the Democratic primary race for attorney general. A self-identified white supremacist who claims to represent “European-Americans,” Darby denies the Holocaust occurred, supports the legalized lynching of Mexican immigrants, and the deportation of Jewish citizens, all in the name of Alabama values. In other words, Darby ran a racist and anti-Semitic campaign.

Responding to Darby’s candidacy, Democratic Party Chair Joe Turnham said that voters need to carefully scrutinize the backgrounds of the candidates.

The GOP, through its demagogic attacks on immigrants, gays, women’s reproductive rights, and its promotion of religious bigotry, has created a mean-spirited environment of exclusion that has likewise enabled Darby.

For instance, in response to a question on Alabama Public Television’s “For the Record,” Alabama’s GOP chair was unable to say that her party welcomed non-Christian members.

As a Jewish child growing up in Montgomery in the 1950s, I remember my elders saying, in reference to lessons to be learned from the Holocaust, “resist the beginnings,” meaning resist the rise of fascism early, before it’s too late.

If the policies advocated by Darby ever became law, the lives of my family would be threatened – it’s just that personal. The election on June 6 was a disgrace. But history has shown that when those subjected to unjust attack resist, they will find support for that resistance in the larger community. I believe that will be true in Montgomery.
Wayne Sabel