St. Petersburg, FL – The Florida Holocaust Museum is pleased to open two exhibitions: Fragments: Portraits of Survivors and Liberators: Unexpected Outcomes. The exhibits open July 8 through October 22 and capture the expressions of memories of both Holocaust survivors and liberators.

Fragments: Portraits of Survivors will feature one hundred-twelve (112) 16 x 20 black and white photographs of local Holocaust survivors. Accompanying each portrait is a handwritten statement from the survivor in the photo. As if the photography of Jason Schwartz is not enough, the survivors’ handwritten statements emote an even deeper and more personal level of their thoughts and feelings, bringing viewers one step closer to the survivor.

“I survived … I beat Hitlerâ€? is just one statement of many that quietly communicates the importance of this exhibition and its power to speak to all generations The pictures and thoughts tell of the trials and triumphs of these extraordinary men and women survivors who bravely tell their stories as first-hand testimonies of a tragic time during the 20th century. Their memories give a voice to the voiceless.

The black and white photographs of the liberators tell a different story. Liberators: Unexpected Outcomes features 18 photographs of local U.S. troops who, as first responders and liberators at the end of WWII, witnessed the horrors behind camp gates. Without preparation or warning, these men happened upon unexpected and unimaginable scenes during regular military operations. Their stories are featured in photography by Coe Arthur Younger, as well as in an accompanying video that highlights the testimonies of several local liberators and survivors.

To obtain digital copies of the artwork, please contact Andrea Carlson, Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator at (727) 820-0100 ext. 232.