Survivor: A Meditation on Remembering the Shoah
By: David Mandel
Tuesday, July 4, 2006


On Sunday, April 9, 1944, the second day of Pesach, the Hungarian police came for my grandfather, Reb Dovid Hersh, a”h.

My mother’s family lived in Fekete Ordo, a village of 200 families, 70 of them Jewish, less than 20 miles from Munkachevo, Czechoslovakia, which today is part of Ukraine. Reb Dovid, my namesake as well as my grandfather, was the village shochet, dayan, and baal tefilah. He was considered the leader of this small community. The Nazi strategy was to first remove the leaders.

Later that same evening on the second day of Pesach, my mother and two sisters, along with my grandmother Tzivia, a”h, made a seder. I’ve often asked my mother how she could possibly have made a seder after what transpired that same morning with her father. My mother’s answer: “What else should we do? It was the second night of Pesach.”